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2021 | Self-Initiated

The Bauhaus in History / Trailblazing Bauhaus Women {Double Volume}

Can we examine the notorious Bauhaus Institution through the lens of today’s world in order to understand the misconceptions and subconscious influence that the movement still holds today?

This double volume approaches this question through the use of two narratives. “The Bauhaus in History” by Ben Davis, the associate editor of Artnet Magazine, recounts the legacy of the famed school, offers lesser known details regarding the experiences of students and professors, and finally reflects on the impact and lessons surfaced through this legacy. “6 Trailblazing Bauhaus Women” is a biographical collection of stories surrounding a few of the many influential women of the Bauhaus, written by author and critic Alexandra Lange, with illustrations by Ellen Surrey. These biographies juxtapose the “inclusive” mission of the Bauhaus with the true and often ignored experiences of female students, professors, and practitioners who were operating within the Bauhaus academy.

4.5”x8.5”, 74 Pages, Sewn Board Binding

Three color Risograph
︎︎︎ Printed in collaboration with Mari Blanchard at UT Riso Lab

Edited, Designed, and Bound by James Blue