James Blue ︎ Work Objects

Poster Design, Title Design, Identity Design
2021 | Commisioned by Pema Baldwin & FAMU Prague

Split Ends

16mm Film

Various (Digital)
Poster (A2, Digital)
Rozdělené Konce (Split Ends) examines an antagonistic and uncertain relationship between a mother, Ida (Pavlína Kročová), and daughter, Bela (Klára Jíchová). Filmmakers Pema Baldwin and Maya Rajan co-directed the film, which was filmed on location in Prague, CZ.

Working closely with the directors, a disparate typographic pairing and cramped compositional system was created, reflecting the claustrophobic and combative nature of the film. This system was applied to the film’s title sequences and poster. 
The poster also employs a frosted glass image treatment, which references a visual motif seen throughout the film.

Last Updated December 2021