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Identity Design, Website Design
2021 | Commisioned by Remy Durbin

Remy Durbin

(In Progress)


Visual Identity
Various (More images soon)
Remy Durbin is a Seattle-based visual artist primarily operating in the world of textiles. She uses reclaimed materials to create handmade garments, home decor, and custom hand crafted goods, with a focus on client customization.

I was tasked with designing an adaptable visual identity that could be applied to both a personal portfolio, as well as act as a larger brand for the garments that Remy is creating. I was also asked to design and develop a website to house Remy’s work, and act as an ecommerce storefront.

This was achieved through a custom wordmark playing off the idea that a garment by Remy can be customized down to the smallest details. The website was built to be interactive and engaging, offering a look behind the process of construction.

Last Updated December 2021