James Blue ︎ Work Objects

Identity Design
2021 | Commisioned by The University of Texas at Austi

MA Design for Health

Program Identity
Digital (Various Applications)
Printed (Various Applications)

Work Completed in Collaboration with:
︎︎︎Jason Wilkins

The University of Texas at Austin recently founded a first-of-its-kind MA in Design program focused on Design in Health. This program equips students with the tools and methodologies needed to remedy inefficient and broken health systems, like the one most Americans experience today. Deeply rooted in design methodology, this program is also an innovative collaboration between UT’s School of Design and the Dell Medical School, building a bridge between design-leading faculty and students of medecine.

I was brought on to design the program’s visual identity and carry out the system’s implementation. The devised system differentiates itself visually from similar programs by assuming a restrained color pallette and an intentional yet flexible underlying grid. The program mark utilizes shorthand iconography and becomes an ownable messaging tool. A sub-orginization was created to represent all the collaborative schools and orginizations involved, now known as Texas Design. This orginization system informed the grid structure, found at the bottom or top of most applications. Furthermore, a circular graphic mark was created that highlights the collaborative nature of the program while representing the etymology of the word ‘health’, meaning ‘to be whole’. This mark is constructed of a custom bitmap gradient, comprised of a custom icon used elsewhere in the identity.

Last Updated December 2021