James Blue ︎ Work Objects

Album Cover Design, Website Design, Creative Direction, Photography
2021 | Commisioned by KindKeith

Take What You Need

Album Artwork
Multiple Covers (Digital)


Various (Digital)
Pull-tab Poster (Risograph)
Kind Keith is an Austin-based keyboardist writing and performing extremely expressive and genre-defying music. For his debut album, Take What You Need, I was tasked with designing the album artwork, building a website, directing the creative campaign, and designing the covers for lead up singles Alive/For a While, and Unfair.

The photography was handled on instant film in order to lend a casual and dreamy aesthetic to the work. The cover was shot in the font yard of the studio in which the album was produced. The typographic system aimed to further contribute to the laid-back and somewhat vintage sound the album explored, while proliferating a single, ownable color that was used throughout the campaign.

Upon release, the album was well recieved, with the Austin Chronicle writing “KindKeith Has What You Need; A dreamy alternative R&B debut”. The pull-tab posters were highly effective in circulating the singles before the album rollout, and an accompanying music video to single For a While was released.

Last Updated December 2021