James Blue ︎ Work Objects

Typeface Design
2021 |  Independent Project

Hard News


Single Weight

*An expanded glyph set and more
weights currently in development
Hard News is a modular font currently in development. It began in a typography course which required each studeent to select an object from their home as the starting point for a modular font. I chose the wool rug in my living room (pictured here) which utilized an alternating grid as a decorative element.

This grid was translated and became the foundation upon which each letter is built. The letterforms are constructed from pairs of vertical lines, and the grid does not have a perfect center. This lends a somewhat offbeat attitude to each letter, and aims to avoid monotony.

Although the font’s aesthetic is reminiscent of digital displays, as the work progressed the letterformes began to remind me of printed newspapers. The strict columns that make up the structure of each broad page, the overtly industrial machines long used to set metal type. This inspiration inspired the name “Hard News”—Factual news stories delivered without opinion. 

Last Updated December 2021