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Poster Design
2021 |  Academic Project

Current Technocratic Issues

(Digital, Various sizes)
These two posters were created as part of an assignmnet in an advanced interaction design class. Both of these posters are responses to current issues largely fueled by technocratic thinking. This project was an exploration into the role of a graphic designer, not only as the compiler of information, but also as an active editor and storyteller in the process of distributing of content.

The first poster investigates Amazon’s Ring cameras—the current environment of usage, their impact on communities, and the narratives built around public safety which are leveraged to sell them. This work aims to question the notion of self surveillance and the role it increasingly plays in modern communities.

The second poster was spurred by research I was doing on major arms manufacturers. When looking at many of these companies, I was struck by the often ridiculous images that adorned their websites. In a world where visual polish and trend engaged (or adverse) visual identities are billed as necessities, it seems (perhaps unsurprisingly given the sector) that a $112 billion industry is being dominated by 3 major companies all practicing very questionable visual design. I began collecting some of these images of speculative future products or experiences. This poster also references work done by groups like Super Design, who used art and design to imagine the radical society of the future(s). I thought it would be interesting to contrast the two examples of what can loosely be called “speculative design”. This research aims to pose the question—where should speculative work come from and who should it serve?

Last Updated December 2021