James Blue ︎ Work Objects

Identity Design, Packaging Design
2020 | Commisioned by Barton Springs Winery

Barton Springs Winery

Austin, TX

Various (Digital)

Labels (3.5” x 4.5”, Digital Print)
Solaro Estate Winery has been producing internationally award winning fine wines since 1909. For their first foray into the grocery store, they wanted to create a new line of wines that stayed true to their Austin roots while fitting into the lives of customers far and wide.

I was brought on to help in this mission, crafting the identity and packaging design for Barton Springs Winery. BSW wines are produced at their family vineyard, positioned uniquely on top of the Barton Springs Aquifer. Hundreds of feet of water rushing below layers of limestone gives an extremely rich flavor to every grape that grows above. This is the story that is told through the identity, packaging, and messaging system. Naturally produced wines made in Austin's backyard, available in stores everywhere mid 2021.

Last Updated December 2021